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An island with eternal spring. What is typical for the Northern Cyprus climate

Sunny Island is the perfect place to live in. The climate is the Mediterranean with mild off-season temperatures. The island has 340 sunny days a year. The seasons change gently, and the air humidity is low, which allows you not to feel the heat.  North Cyprus is one of the best places to buy property.


Summer in North Cyprus is long: the tourist season starts in April and ends in November. The average summer temperature is + 25/+ 35 degrees, in winter – + 16/+ 19. The most favourable period for vacation is the spring second half and the autumn first half.

The main climate-forming factor is the sea, which softens the heat in summer and raises the temperature by several degrees in winter. The summer hottest period is not exhausting. At the same time, the climate in the island interior is sharper: here the temperature is lower in winter and higher in summer compared to the on coast weather.

Spring and Summer

Spring comes to Cyprus from the February end when the almonds are in bloom. In March, the daytime temperature reaches +19, while pleasant warm days come in April-May.

The climatic summer on the island begins in May and ends at the November end. At this time, yachts appear in the coastal waters. Many by this time already have real estate in Northern Cyprus by the sea, and come every year to rest. By the summer middle in the republic mainland, the temperature is higher: 40 degrees against 32 – on the coast.

Autumn and short winter

In September and October, the island has comfortable weather: tourists and locals are still swimming in warm seawater. Only in the evenings, you need to put on a jacket. Travel and excursions are popular during this period.

Flowers bloom on the island in winter. The winter period is warm and humid: excessive vegetation in +16 degrees conditions provokes growth and flowering. The rainy season is from November end to February, but the precipitation amount does not exceed 400 mm. This season is characterized by strong winds. There are ski resorts on the island: there is snow in the mountains in winter.

In general, the Cyprus climate and weather is comparable to the France south or New Zealand: dry, hot summers and humid warm winters.

North Cyprus is sunny and warm all year round, and before you buy apartments in North Cyprus for your annual holiday or permanent living, consider the island excellent climatic characteristics. Fresh sea air, sun and comfortable temperature can quickly restore physical and mental strength.