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How to get to Northern Cyprus?

The island, the Republic of Northern Cyprus, can be reached by air and sea.

By air

Northern Cyprus has 2 airports, one of which is not working, the second is Erdzhan airport. Located near Nicosia – 25 kilometres. The volumes are small – more than 90 flights a week, but a new terminal opening is planned soon.

There is no direct flight connection to Northern Cyprus and other countries, the only way out is transit through one of the Turkish airports. Departures are carried out by the airports of Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir. Airlines Turkish Airline, Atlas Global, Pegasus.

Direct flight to the island southern part – Larnaca airport. From there, order a transfer to the Northern part.

By sea

Ferries leave for Northern Cyprus from cities on the Turkish coast. There are passenger ships and cargo ships that can carry a car. There are flights:

Tashuku – Kireneya: there are freight ferries that sail for about 6 hours. Fast ships, travel time of which is 2 hours.

Alanya – Kyrenia: schedule – Monday and Thursday.

Mersin – Cyrenea: four times a week.

Mersin – Famagusta: cargo ships leave three times a week.

Thus, getting to the island will not be difficult, air connections in Turkey are not long, and individual ferries will take you in two hours.

Do i need visa for Northern Cyprus?

The Northern Cyprus state is not recognized by most countries, there are no official embassies and you do not need to apply for a visa in advance.

Upon arrival at the airport and at other checkpoints, foreigners need to fill out an immigration form and then go through border control.

Enter the data in the form: last name and initials, foreign passport number and citizenship. Further, the border service officers put a stamp in the passport or on the letterhead. We recommend that you put a mark on a separate sheet so that no problems are crossing the other states borders. The immigration form must be kept during the entire stay on the island, and presented to the border guards on the way back.


You can stay in the state without a visa for no more than 30 days. If you need to stay for a long time, you must provide your passport, return ticket and the visit purpose (documented). Your term will be extended up to 90 days.

Visas types

To work and study in Northern Cyprus, you must apply for the appropriate visas.

For work, the employer issues a permit for the candidate. This document gives the right to officially find a job.

For the study, a student visa is issued at an educational institution, for this, the applicant passes a medical commission and pays a tax (100 lire).

To do business, you need to register with the commercial department, obtain a certificate, register with the tax office and check-in with the migration service.

Thus, you do not need to apply for a visa in advance to cross the Northern Cyprus border. Special permits are required for job seekers, businessmen for business registration and students.

What is the main currency in Northern Cyprus?

The Turkish lira is the Republic of Northern Cyprus official banknote. The country also accepts other bills – pound sterling, dollar and euro. In shops, cafes, restaurants, you can pay with other currency. They calculate at the current rate and give change in the lira.

Where to exchange money

Currency can be exchanged at banks (there are international and national banks), many exchange offices: the rate is approximately the same at all points. We do not recommend changing money from individuals. Average exchange rates: 1 dollar – 5.9 lira, 1 euro – 6.6 lira, 1 pound – 7.7 lira.

Cards and accounts

Visa and MasterCard monetary systems are actively operating in Northern Cyprus. You can pay by card in many establishments: shops, cafés, the tourism industry objects. You can withdraw cash: there are many ATMs on the island, the commission is 2-3 dollars per transaction.

It will not be a problem to open a bank account: in foreign currency or local currency, the main requirement is the rented or private real estate availability in North Cyprus. English knowledge or Turkish is also mandatory – all contractual relations are drawn up in these languages.

How much money to take

According to the law, more than any currency 500 units cannot be imported into Northern Cyprus, so it is more advisable to take cards. Cost: lunch in a restaurant will cost 10-15 euros, fruits and vegetables – 1-2 euros per kilogram, water – 50 cents, beer – from 1.5 euros.

Value of consumer basket in Northern Cyprus?

The living cost in Northern Cyprus has increased over the past ten years, driven by the Turkish lira devaluation and rising fuel prices. However, the growing economy, favourable climate for investors and the rapid tourism infrastructure development are gradually increasing the country’s citizens living standards.

Food prices are significantly lower compared to other Mediterranean countries. Food and groceries are cheaper than in Turkey: if you buy once a week at the food markets, a family of two and a child will have enough about $ 500 per month so as not to deny themselves anything. The organic vegetables and fruits that are grown in the country are characterized by low prices and excellent quality.

The prices in the shops are higher and the choice is limited. The average bill for a food basic set: bread – 1 lira, eggs – 15 lire per 15 pieces, milk – 5 lire per litre, chicken – about 30 lire, beef – about 60 lire per kilogram, vegetables (potatoes, onions, cucumbers) – 5 lire per kilogram, pasta – 2-3 lira, rice – 6 lire, tea/coffee – 15 lire, water – about 8 lira per 19 litres (bottle). The average check will be around 250 lire ($ 45). Note that the prices for vegetables are lower in the season: cucumbers cost 2 lire in summer, and 7-9 lira out of season.

There are many grocery stores on the island, the most popular are: Lemar, Tempo, Onder, and Starling.

How to get a job at Northern Cyprus?

More and more foreign nationals are buying a property in Northern Cyprus for immigration purposes. After the move, finding a job question becomes relevant. Having received a residence permit after the real estate purchase, you will have time to look for work, after you need to issue a work visa. The main requirement is English or Turkish knowledge.

The country is in demand for specialists in the IT sector, education, tourism and realtors.

Visa obtaining

A foreigner needs to obtain a visa or go to university (students can work without opening a visa). To open a visa you need to find an employer and interact with the migration service. The employer applies to the service with proof that he needs a foreign applicant, and then sends an invitation to the employee.

The person arrives in Cyprus, receives a certificate about previous trips to the Republic (in the General Police Office). The employee undergoes a medical examination and pays taxes.

The visa is issued for one year period, it can be renewed.

Demanded professions

Northern Cyprus needs workers in the industrial sector and the tourism industry. Popular casino – every year there are many tournaments and institutions require foreign applicants: croupier, managers and service personnel employees, kitchen workers. Salaries are high, employees are provided with food and expenses associated with the device for the post.

With construction development, the country requires skilled construction workers. Creative specialities people are claimed: singers, dancers, presenters.

A foreigner can easily find a suitable position for himself, work is valued highly.

I correctly understand, that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is called Turkish, so it belongs to Turkey?

The Republic of Northern Cyprus is a separate state with its borders, parliament, laws and president. The state is based on British law and all foreign nationals (Turks among them) across the country’s border on the same grounds.

Therefore, the prefix to the name Turkish does not refer to the Republic as a Turkey part. Historically, the island Turkish population (Turkish Cypriots) has expressed a desire to establish a state.

Back in the 1960s, ethnic conflicts between the island Turkish and Greek populations began, which ended in a military coup. Greece, Turkey, Great Britain and the UN actively took part in the confrontation. When a referendum was held in 1974 on the Northern and South Cyprus federal-state creation, the population majority (Greek Cypriots) did not support the idea, in 1983 the Northern Cyprus empire was formed but is now recognized only by Turkey.

Thus, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus does not belong to Turkey but is an independent country formed at the request of the island Turkish population. With its economy, language, capital, state government and legal system.

If I buy an apartment with the help of your company, after what period do I receive the title?

Title deed is the main document confirming the buyer’s right to own real estate. The buyer receives the certificate at the purchase and sale transaction in the last stage. To do this, it is necessary that the certificate is issued by the land registry, and the buyer obtains permission from the Council of Ministers to purchase the object.

An authorized lawyer prepares the necessary documents, the buyer pays VAT, fees (municipal, fee when registering a certificate). The investor receives the title after 1-2 months

If the object has not yet been built, the developer does not have such a document: it is issued in the object complete delivery event. Properties are checked in detail, so the title deed can take 1-4 years.

Another nuance: developers often take out loans from banks, mortgage land. After the object full commissioning construction completion, the buyer will not receive the title if the developer has not repaid the loan. If the object is illegally built, is not included in the architectural plan, the new owner will also not receive the title. It is important to consult a lawyer.

The state, the law provide the buyer’s rights full protection: the contract is kept in the land registry for 6 months. The seller will not be able to sell the object or perform other manipulations. The buyer does not yet have a title, his property rights cannot be violated.


How to pay for real estate purchase?

When you have decided on the object and are ready to complete the deal, you need to discuss the payment terms.

The first payment for the investor is a non-refundable deposit that the buyer makes to take the property off the market. The investor receives a receipt, then this payment is recorded in the contractual relationship as part of the payment.

After signing the contract, the first payment must be made and stamp duty must be paid. To complete a transaction and pay duties, it is not necessary to pay the entire amount: our clients import cash (no more than 10 thousand euros). From this amount, consultation and stamp duty are paid, the remainder is the first instalment for the property itself. The contract is registered in the land registry.

On the concluded agreement basis, the buyer makes a bank transfer from his home country to the seller’s account. The payment procedure is spelt out in the contract.

An alternative option is the ability to pay with a bank card, the commission size is about 2%.

If you instruct a lawyer to conduct the entire transaction, the first payment is made by bank transfer: after the contract conclusion within 15 days. Further under the contract. You do not need to provide proof of income.

Having paid in full, the investor receives the title to the property.

How safe is Northern Cyprus?

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world. Statistics place the country on the 32nd line of the safety rating with an 8.88 coefficient. The indicator is calculated based on three criteria: natural incidents, military coups, personal safety.

Natural disasters are rare, except that in winter there can be showers and weak earthquakes. There are no military conflicts on the island, the division of the island into two countries does not set the population against each other. Many people think that the neighbourhood with Syria is dangerous, but the countries are separated by many kilometres by sea and the country has no political relation to the situation in the Middle East.

Investors may be confused by the British military bases, which are safe and occupy 3% of the island’s territory.

The civil security of the population is at a high level, which makes Northern Cyprus one of the safest countries in Europe. Crime reports are limited to mentioning petty fraud and fights. There are no terrorist attacks on the island. Home break-in and large-scale robberies are almost never encountered.

The only problem is the refugees from Syria and Lebanon. They live on the streets, hooligans and engage in petty theft. Also, some tourists behave inappropriately.

Most cities and resorts are completely safe, quiet and peaceful.

Why is it better to work with a real estate agency: What are the restrictions on the real estate purchase for foreigners?

The procedure for buying real estate in the TRNC is simple, but there is a nuances number that a reliable real estate agent will help to understand.

The agency, which has been working on the market for a long time, cooperates only with trusted and reliable developers – the buyer can choose a suitable object and be sure of its authenticity. The buyer has the ability to compare and choose from an options variety.

The information is presented truthful, specific with each object all the pros and cons.

Saving money – an experienced agency knows when it is most profitable to complete a deal, will be able to offer favourable payment terms and a discount.

The entire purchase and registration procedure is accompanied by professional lawyers: from an object full inspection to obtaining the property owner title. The agency supports and advises the client on issues: getting a job, obtaining a residence permit, placing a child in a kindergarten and school, buying a car, starting a business, and so on. That saves the client time and money.

Cooperation does not end with the purchase and sale agreement execution, customers can always contact with any question and are informed about news and novelties.

Can a foreigner open a business in Northern Cyprus?

The country’s government priority task is to attract foreign investment and actively develop the economy. The state fully protects a foreign businessman property rights: it guarantees the right to private property, without distinguishing between foreign and local companies.


The country is open for investments and offers transparent business conditions: minimum bureaucracy, loyal taxation, British law, a businessman and company activities confidentiality.

What is needed.

To open a business, an investor needs:

  • Designate the activity field and choose a name.
  • Provide certificates of no criminal record (for all founders) in English or Turkish. Passports copies.
  • Register the authorized capital in a local bank (the size depends on the investor’s share).
  • Transfer $ 10,000 to the Tax Committee’s account, which will cover debts and taxes in unforeseen situations case.
  • Provide the company legal address

The need for new business in Northern Cyprus is very high, so you will find your niche, the most popular are tourism, export, foreign exchange transactions. An investor may not start a new business, but buy a ready-made business – a café, shop, beauty salon.

Is it the right decision to purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus during the construction phase?

Buying a property during the construction stage is a profitable decision. Features:

  • Real estate is cheaper than a finished object – by about 10-20%.
  • You should have time to buy before the fundamental work end: apartments with a beautiful view.
  • When choosing a developer, you should get to know him well: look at previous projects that have all the documentation (especially titles).
  • The initial payment is about 30%, the investor can pay in several ways: by instalments (phased), mortgage. A foreign investor can pay 40-50% of the total when he receives the keys. For registration, you only need a passport. The interest rate is about 5-13 per cent per annum.


Developers in North Cyprus are often reliable and guarantee 100% completion, backing up the commitment to:

  • Bank guarantee.
  • A competently drawn up agreement that clearly prescribes the calculation procedure.

To purchase an object during the construction phase – to be able to buy exclusive offers at an affordable price: villas on the first coastline, apartments with beautiful views, which, upon completion, will cost 30% more.

The deal should be carried out with competent lawyers and a real estate agency: we offer comprehensive services for finding a developer and supporting the purchase and sale transaction.

How is the previously purchased property sale in North Cyprus carried out?

You can later sell the property you bought. Real estate prices are rising, so you can make good money. To complete the transaction, you need a sales contract that was concluded with the previous owner. A documents package certifying your property ownership.

We find a buyer and draw up a contract, where all the buyer and seller data, the transaction and payments terms are indicated. After signing the contract and accepting payment from the client, you need to pay tax – 3% of the specified contract price. Then the buyer receives the title.

We help in finding interested parties, conduct an inspection, give potential buyers feedback on the opinion about your object. Our managers know how to guide the buyer to the right decision. You can sell properties with or without furniture.

You do not necessarily need a lawyer to complete a transaction, but we recommend that you contact a legal representative for paperwork and transfer of title because there is a language barrier.

To quickly sell a property and make money on it, we recommend contacting a trusted real estate agency: according to the laws of Cyprus, you must have a registered real estate agent.

How much is going to be spent on utility bills a month?

Monthly expenses consist of payments for electricity, water, gas, home needs (cleaning, lighting, landscaping, etc.). If there is a pool, you need to pay for its cleaning.

The final amount depends on the size, location and additional infrastructure of the complex. The cost of maintaining the complex is shared by all residents, on average $50-80. Internet fees are around $60. Detached houses and villas are more expensive: here the owner decides what to spend. Costs can go up to $100 for gardening and pool cleaning manipulations.

On average, the owner pays $150-200 per month for utilities.

Electricity consumption in winter increases, since there is no gas pipeline on the island, houses are heated with electricity. The average monthly bill for electricity is about 400 lire (for a family of 3 people), for water – up to 100 lire. Gas is consumed in cylinders, the average price of which is $20.

Property tax of 1 lira per square meter and local council tax (up to $170 per year) must be paid annually.

Monthly expenses in a small apartment will be up to $100.