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The transaction legal support

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The transaction legal support

Clients wishing to buy property in Northern Cyprus can fully rely on us in the transaction legal processing matters. We will provide you with comprehensive legal support and advice, we will help with any nuance: an object selection, a documents package preparation and their submission to various government agencies. We work with proven law firms in Northern Cyprus, fully provide legal support for the sale and purchase transaction, accompany the client at every stage. Our buyer is guaranteed to receive favorable legal agreements when making a purchase.

Qualified specialists guide the client through the purchase’s all stages. We are confident that by buying a property in Northern Cyprus, you are investing in a comfortable future, and we will help you do it safely and easily.

Maintenance stages

Our company accompanies the client at the following stages:

  • Cooperation terms coordination: consulting, assistance in choosing, price discussion.
  • A study tour organization and each object inspection.
  • Full legal registration: customer and seller data collection, an agreement execution by lawyers, legal nuances elaboration.
  • Documents translation into English and Turkish.
  • Contractual relationship discussion between the two parties.
  • Requesting and obtaining permission to purchase real estate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • The transaction completion: the client is present in person or a lawyer makes a purchase instead of him by proxy.
  • Fees and tax payment.
  • Request for the procedure registration at the Land Committee local branch.
  • The owner title registration.

Our partners are proven and best real estate developers and law firms in Northern Cyprus with whom we have been cooperating for many years. Each company has been tested by time and market changes, so our lawyers guarantee the transaction legal purity.

The lawyers have the Northern Cyprus legislation fundamental knowledge and practical experience. Therefore, they undertake the obligation to collect complete information, prepare, draw up, submit and register documents.


We devote a lot of time to the transactions’ security: we request and check the documentation from the seller to make sure that the property is registered in this seller name, is legal claims-free.

We provide buyers with a comfortable working process with a local law firm. You can personally attend and control the transaction every stage.

You can fully rely on us: we will not miss a single nuance, we will do everything on time, we will issue and pay taxes on time and willfully report for each stage. Enjoy the property’s new owner status in Northern Cyprus.