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Commercial real estate in North Cyprus

With our help you will feel calm. 


Commercial real estate in Cyprus has always remained popular among foreign investors along with residential properties. Buying an office in Northern Cyprus has already been decided by those citizens who have assessed the prospects for obtaining permanent residence in this republic for the purchase of real estate.

Indeed, since the closure of the investment citizenship program in Cyprus, many foreigners have been “frozen” in anticipation. The Cypriot authorities have developed new conditions that allow obtaining permanent residence when buying commercial real estate in Cyprus with permanent registration in a purchased or rented apartment / house. Our service will allow you to obtain a residence permit with minimal nerves and maximum comfort.

How to buy commercial property in Northern Cyprus?

Experienced foreign investors are already buying offices, retail space and warehouses, including for the purpose of further conversion into housing stock. Turning to our agency, you get comprehensive assistance – from the moment of selecting an object according to your budget and other requirements to obtaining a title.

Commercial real estate in Northern Cyprus today is also profitable to buy for the following reasons:

  • semi-annual rise in price of office space demonstrates a steady rise;
  • rent growth is observed literally in all Cypriot locations;
  • The increase in profitability from renting commercial real estate in Northern Cyprus allows you to receive a stable income with minimal participation of the owner.

But this is not all the privileges of cooperation with us – according to individual agreements, our experts will help resolve related issues such as opening a bank account and applying for a residence permit / permanent residence.

If you look at the leaders of sales, Nicosia is the most popular city where foreign investors are trying to buy commercial property in Northern Cyprus. It is interesting that the existing indicators of the residential segment of the market indicate the need to increase the number of proposals. That is, a very profitable option can be a land plot for construction. In any case, our help is an individual selection of objects according to your requests.

The procedure for buying an office or warehouse in Northern Cyprus

You do not need to know all the nuances of local legislation and the principles of conducting transactions with commercial real estate in Cyprus. By contacting our company, you will be able to carry out a transaction as comfortably as possible and become the owner of profitable and promising objects without too much fuss.

Our specialists are well versed in the local market and legislation, they will help you quickly complete a sale and purchase transaction and a title, as well as obtain permanent residence (if there is a lease or an additional purchase of residential real estate for registration).