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Our Listings


Luxury 3+1 villa in the heart of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus

Luxury 3+1 villa in the heart of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus


Semi detached villa 2+1 in a new amazing project in Tatlisu

Semi detached villa 2+1 in a new amazing project in Tatlisu


Real estate abroad – villas in Northern Cyprus

Real estate investments have a long-term perspective, by investing money you will not be able to immediately make a profit, as with the sale of securities. Of course, you can count on profitable investments in foreign commercial real estate by renting out, however, as elsewhere, there are also risks here …

In any case, profitable real estate abroad certainly exists. The most important thing is to decide where exactly to invest and how to do it correctly. And in this case, you can not do without the help of specialists.

How to buy a house profitably in Northern Cyprus?

Our agency is one of the few that not only offers to buy a villa in Northern Cyprus, but fulfills the dreams of a lifetime. Many foreigners wish to have a house by the sea, but financial and legal difficulties constantly arise. We can find a cheap villa in Cyprus, and we will also help you resolve all issues regarding obtaining a permanent residence permit.

Our catalog contains offers that will satisfy even the most sophisticated foreigners:

  • house next to the beach;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • inspiring landscapes;
  • excellent conditions for doing business etc

The process of buying property acquisition in Cyprus

Buying a villa in North Cyprus has never been so easy: we will consider options from trusted developers together with you and discuss the price. Through direct cooperation with companies, we can negotiate a good discount. With a limited budget, we will find a great inexpensive option, but in an area with excellent infrastructure. For those who are used to taking the maximum from life, we are ready to offer premium villas in Cyprus by the sea. We are sure that a cozy house and the sound of the waves will give you moments of bliss and pleasure.

Before the final decision to buy a villa in Northern Cyprus, we will organize an introductory tour for you so that you can appreciate the atmosphere of the new country, the infrastructure of the selected area, as well as the villa itself. We want the relocation to give you new opportunities for growth, as well as harmony. If you need not just a house, but an ideal home – call or write to us right now.