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How does the healthcare system work in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus has both public and private healthcare facilities. If you are going to buy property in North Cyprus, you need to purchase a medical insurance policy in advance. There is no compulsory insurance on the island itself.

Medical Infrastructure

The republic each city has public and private clinics and hospitals. Public institutions are characterized by European equipment presence and professional doctors. A foreigner can use their services. Anyone can also call an ambulance, and emergency medical services will be free. Dentist manipulations will be paid. The public and private institutions’ ratio is approximately the same and the services level provided is also approximately the same.

Most people go to private clinics: prices are much lower than in European institutions, and there are more benefits: making an appointment by phone, no queues, comfortable treatment. Private clinics offer special programs: pay a fixed amount per year and apply as many times as you need (average cost – £ 100). Here you can meet certified doctors from Turkey, the USA and Great Britain. The hospitals have Russian-speaking staff.

Affordable prices, European standards and qualified doctors attract those who want to improve their health to the island, so the authorities are developing medical tourism.

Narrow specialization

Northern Cyprus is famous for its dentistry: there are no public dental clinics on the island, only paid dentists. The prices are pleasant, so many Europeans come here for dental treatment.

In the republic clinics, infertility is successfully treated: in the reproductive medicine centre in Nicosia. The medical services most popular types are infertility treatment, dentistry, laser surgery, neurosurgery and rehabilitation.


The local pharmacies range is very wide, with many drugs available without a prescription. Tourists often buy a lot of medicines that are prescribed in their countries. Most Brits take home suitcases full of antibiotics and other medicines that cannot be obtained without a prescription in England. Plus, the colonial past has determined British legislation on the island, so British medicines are available in pharmacies.

Big plus: pharmacies with Russian-speaking staff. Pharmacists will always select domestic drugs analogues.

In general, Northern Cyprus medicine is of the European level, but at a pleasant cost. Therefore, if you are planning to buy an apartment in North Cyprus, you should not worry, because the system is very similar, only the services level provided is much higher.