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Special characteristics of the education system in Northern Cyprus

Preschool education on the island is not included in the compulsory program; therefore, all institutions for young children are private, which means paid kindergartens. Such institutions’ specialization is a social adaptation, physical development and general education (reading, writing, logic, counting).

The emphasis is on learning Turkish and English. Children can be accepted at such institutions from the three-age old. The training cost in the garden is in the range of 200-400 euros per month.


School education is divided into primary education – children begin to study from the age of 6. After five study years in primary, they move to secondary, and study for another 6 years. There are public and private secondary educational institutions. In public disciplines are taught in Turkish, English is studied as an additional language. In private – lessons are taught in English. Each institution undergoes mandatory accreditation, so there is no need to worry about education quality.

Famous private institutions in Northern Cyprus are: the English school in Kyrenia (The English school), the International High School provides further higher education at the Girne American University; Necat British College – organizes the process according to the Montessori system, here they pass the Cambridge exams.

If you bought an apartment in North Cyprus and are afraid that it will be difficult for your child, there is a school on the island where they teach in Russian: in the Kyrenia city. Here the child has the opportunity to learn languages and further develop creative skills.

The higher educational institutions system

The island higher educational institutions organize the education process according to our type: training begins in September, divides into two semesters and ends with exams. If students after 4 study years gain 180-240 credits, they get a bachelor’s degree. To obtain a master’s degree, the student studies for three more semesters and “gets” 300 credits.

Such education quality is very high: degrees are recognized in Europe and the world. It is easy to enter and the cost is low. Universities are provided with advanced material and technical base, they have many interest clubs. The educational process is organized in English, which perfectly trains language skills.

Dormitories are organized for students. The average price tag for training is 6-7 thousand euros per year. Medical and engineering specialities will be more expensive. To study, you need to apply for a visa: collect all the necessary documents and contact a special service at the university. Depending on the potential, the applicant may be given a grant (even paid in full).

The most prestigious university

Today, Girne American University is considered the most popular and best institution – foreign students (70 countries) study here. Farago’s Eastern European University is included in the 5% of the strongest universities in the world. Cyprus International University is renowned for its strong faculty.

There are about 15 higher educational institutions in the republic, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Middle East Institute (Nicosia) – students multinational composition and teachers.
  • European University (in Lefka) – conducts training in English, offers many undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Karpas University is actively engaged not only in training but also in research work.
  • Girne University – prepares aviation and maritime specialists.
  • The University of Western Scotland is in the top five of Scotland’s largest institutions. Provides high-quality education and research work.
  • Creative Arts and Design University – the main profile is art, design and communication.
  • Middle East Technical University – has a strong scientific base, which ensures it a place in the list of 60 prestigious universities in the world.

All institutions have equipped laboratories and research centres, modern training programs and comfortable living conditions.

Thus, before you buy an apartment in North Cyprus think about where your children and you will study. The choice is large and each city has a good educational infrastructure.