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North Cyprus Property Title Deeds

17 November

In the process of searching for real estate, we advise our clients to familiarize themselves with the basic real estate laws regulated by the Government and the TRNC judicial system.

Due to the rather complex and confusing political situation on the island, the land plots had several titles:

Pre-74 was a property owned by a foreigner or a Turk before the division of the island into two independent republics.

Exchange – the object belonged to a Greek or Greek Cypriot before the division of the island, after which the owner left the northern part and received an equivalent land in the southern part.

TMD – lands that were nationalized after 1974 and then privatized by someone.

Leasehold – the land is state-owned and can be leased for 49 years. Mainly for tourist objects.


Various land titles were relevant for some time after 1974. To date, all information about titles is purely theoretical and historical and does not affect the process of making a transaction and obtaining ownership of the property.

In 2008, a law was passed to the effect that all lands of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus within the State have equal legal status and only one title: The title of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

In 2010, the European Court of Justice passed the Human Rights Act, which guarantees the complete security of local and foreign buyers concerning ownership of property.

In the purchase agreement, the buyer will not see information about the ownership of the object to any land title. This column remains empty until the full payment of real estate and real estate taxes. After that, the documents are registered with the land committee, and the title is transferred to the name of the new owner.

A registered real estate contract is a document that guarantees ownership of the buyer’s name. This document protects all rights of the buyer to real estate and gives him the right to live in real estate, sell or lease it. Full ownership of land title can be obtained after the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its transfer. Thus, the transaction is completely legitimate and in no way violates the legislation of the TRNC. The right to dispose of land and property is supported by international documents.