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Buying real estate directly from the developer

01 September

Buying real estate is a complex and responsible step, requiring not only a financial investment but also a lot of time and effort. The buying process consists of many stages, each of which is fraught with risks due to which you can lose both money and housing. 

Everyone knows that it is possible to purchase real estate both with the help of a specialized intermediary company and directly from the developer. Contacting a direct seller or intermediary when buying real estate will depend on the goals and objectives that are the priority for a particular buyer.


Today we will list the main advantages and disadvantages of buying real estate directly from the developer:

+ Informativeness. Obtaining detailed information about all the features of the project, materials, and construction technologies;

+ Opportunity to privately discuss additional points, such as the terms of the installment plan and possible discounts;

+ Major developers have various partnership agreements with banks that offer more favorable lending terms;


– Limited choice. A developer can offer real estate only in their projects;

– Some developers do not have their own sales department, as this is not their core business;

– Lack of additional services. The developer’s representatives do not provide such services as the selection of a mortgage program, the issuance of a housing loan, or support for a transaction related to the sale of old real estate;

– Unreliable developer. Some developers do not fulfill their promises: the deadlines for the completion of the object, documentation, the proper quality of construction, etc.