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7 Easy Steps to Buying a Dream Home in North Cyprus

26 July

Dreaming of your own home on the shore of the sea or surrounded by mountains? Then this is the best time to contact our real estate company in Northern Cyprus!


Buying property is an important and responsible step, but at the same time, it is a very pleasant and exciting event. Prime Pro Investment strives to make the process of choosing and purchasing a home as simple and comfortable as possible for our clients. For this purpose, our specialists have prepared detailed instructions consisting of simple seven steps, which will lead you step by step towards your ultimate goal – buying a dream home in Northern Cyprus. 


Step 1 – Selection of real estate. This is one of the most important steps. It all starts with your clear vision of your dream home. At the first stage of real estate selection, our specialists will contact you to clarify all the details of the proposed purchase and provide detailed information about the entire process of purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus.

Step 2 – Consultation and negotiation of terms and conditions. After the real estate selection process, we will organize an online or live inspection tour of all the properties you like. Then we agree on the cost, terms of purchase, and all subsequent nuances. We guarantee the absolute anonymity of the buyer and the confidentiality of the origin of financial capabilities. Besides, Prime Pro Investment works directly with the developer, bypassing intermediaries. Therefore, we guarantee maximum transparency and security of the transaction.

Step 3 – Drawing up a contract. This step requires mandatory professional legal assistance to protect the interests of the buyer. The lawyer accompanies the entire process of acquisition of real estate from the moment of choice to the final registration of ownership. In addition, the lawyer is responsible for the filing of all required papers, consultations, transfers of title to ownership, and the payment of taxes and fees.

Step 4 – Request for documentation. Before starting the process of signing the (PSA) sale and purchase agreement and paying for the selected property, we check the property for various encumbrances and full compliance of the documents with the legislation of Northern Cyprus.

Step 5 – Signing a contract. The signing of the sales contract is carried out only in the presence of a lawyer. If the buyer does not have the opportunity to be present at the signing of the contract, he can issue a general power of attorney for a lawyer who will act on behalf of the buyer. Further, within 30 days after signing the contract, it is sent to the local department of the Land Office, where they certify the legality of the transaction.

Step 6 – Payment of government taxes and fees. It can be paid by both the buyer and the seller. This issue is agreed upon in the process of formalizing the contractual relationship.

Step 7 – Registration of the contract. According to TRNC legislation, a sales contract must be registered with the Land Department within 21 days from the date of its signing. After purchasing at the state level, the buyer receives a state certificate of title confirming the ownership of the property and guarantees the inviolability of private property rights. Based on this agreement, the buyer can obtain a residence permit in North Cyprus.