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School education in Northern Cyprus – a full guide

08 April

Moving to Northern Cyprus, as well as to any other country, is always associated with the solution of many issues, including the placement of children in school.

But parents can be calm: school education in Northern Cyprus has a high quality and is more affordable compared to Europe and the USA.

In this article you will find information about school education: which school to choose – private or public, and the cost of education.

Education process

In Northern Cyprus, schooling for children begins at the age of five. The academic year starts in mid-September and lasts until mid-June. In total, children complete 11 classes.

There are both public and private schools, in the former education is completely free, with the exception of additional costs for school uniforms, transfers, textbooks and stationery.

Features of schools in Northern Cyprus

At first glance, the school curriculum in the schools of Northern Cyprus may seem somewhat relaxed: there are not many lessons and homework, not strict teachers. This is because the emphasis is on the development of the child’s personality, and not on meaningless “cramming”. Even the class teacher changes every year, so all students are treated exactly the same.

Language of studying

Depending on the school, teaching will be in different languages.

Private schools in Northern Cyprus teach either entirely in English or in Turkish and English.

In public schools, children study in Turkish for the first 5 years, while studying English at the same time. In high school, some subjects are taught in English.

Advantages of studying in schools in Northern Cyprus

The teacher here is not perceived as an unconditional leader, he is rather a mentor and helper for children.

Schools have a school psychologist who can tell parents what the child is interested in and which field is more suitable for him.

No matter which school you send your child to, he will learn foreign languages: Turkish, English German or French, plunge into a new culture and get the opportunity to enter international universities.

Private schools in North Cyprus

British schools in Northern Cyprus are not only education that meets international standards, but also a pass to the best universities in the UK, Europe and the USA.

The international schools of Northern Cyprus are integrated into the British education system.

Graduates take the final A-level exams, according to the results of which they can enter universities without additional tests.

Private schools in Northern Cyprus can be both British and Turkish, but all are certified by the Ministry of Education and meet high educational standards, so parents can be calm about the quality of education.

Tuition fees in schools

Approximate prices for education in private schools in Northern Cyprus (the older the class, the more expensive the cost).

Near East

2000-3000 £ per year


2000-3000 £ per year

Necat British College

4000-6000 £ per year

The English School of Kyrenia

5000-8000 £ per year

Registration fee £200 (when registering a child for the first time)

Tuition can be paid annually, every 6 months, or monthly.

Depending on the chosen payment plan, the amount of the discount will also differ. With a monthly payment, the overpayment will be approximately £ 200.

In addition, you will need to buy a school uniform, pay for the transfer of children from school and to school, textbooks and stationery.

Admission to school in Northern Cyprus

For admission to schools in Northern Cyprus, the following documents will be required:

  • Residence permit of parents (one of them can be)
  • notarized and translated into Turkish copy of the birth certificate
  • copies of parents’ passports
  • photo for documents (2 pieces of the child and 1 piece of each parent)
  • school report card translated into Turkish
  • certificate from the mukhtar on registration at the address of residence
  • registration form + entrance fee

Documents are submitted to the Ministry of Education and within a week a decision is made in which class the child will be assigned.

List of schools in Northern Cyprus

The most popular private schools:

English School of Kyrenia

Necat British College

Near East College 

Doğa International School

Eastern Mediterranean College

Girne American College

TED Kuzey Kıbrıs Koleji

Bellapais school

школа “Детская гармония”

Public schools are located in every area, so it will not be difficult for you to find an option that is suitable and close in location.


Before starting life in Northern Cyprus, many choose property near the school they plan to send their children to.

We will help you choose the right options for an apartment or house and help with school placement, so moving to Northern Cyprus with children will be much easier.

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