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Living features in North Cyprus for foreigners

25 July

For you, friends, we tried to determine the main living features in North Cyprus for foreigners

Living on a sunny island is the dream of many. After all, as a child, we all heard a song about a miracle island, where the sun shines all year round and everywhere is full of exotic fruits. But today, such dreams can be realized. They come true in Cyprus on the island’s northern part.

Why do many people choose North Cyprus for residence

On this island’s part, there are fewer noisy tourists, hotels and a clean, gentle sea. The Turkish lira is used as a currency. Prices for food and everyday life are slightly higher than in Russia, but the goods’ quality and service are also different for the better. English, Turkish and Greek languages are spoken here, and life flows calmly and measuredly.

The attitude towards foreigners, and especially towards Russians, is very friendly here. In general, there are many of our compatriots on the island. They even set up a dedicated support group on Facebook, where they can write in any problem case. By the way, finding a job with Turkish or English knowledge will not be a problem.  Only for work, you will need to apply for a work visa.

When going for permanent residence, you need to consider in which Northern Cyprus area you are going to select real estate. This is how most of the locals work in the capital Nicosia. But it is located quite far from the sea. Therefore, for sea surf lovers and beach holidays, it is worth paying attention to the cities near the coast. Kyrenia, the districts of Alsancak, Bellapais, Guzelyurt, etc. are popular.

A reliable company will not only help you choose the best housing option from a tempting ones’ variety but will also undertake the transaction and paperwork legal purity verification. Also will advise on all issues in the post-sale period.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence

You do not need a visa to enter Northern Cyprus, it will be placed at the border for a period of 30 to 90 days. To obtain a residence permit, you will need to apply to the police with the following documents list:

  • the real estate purchase agreement
  • a copy of your passport and photo
  • dangerous diseases absence certificates
  • bank statement on the money available in the account (at least 10,000 dollars)
  • check for state duty payment
  • approval from the city’s mayor

The residence permit is given for a period of one year and can be renewed at least five times.

Obtaining citizenship in North Cyprus is much easier than in other European countries. It is enough to purchase housing for any price category.  Then you can it dispose at your own discretion: live or rent it out. If parents have issued permanent residence, then children who have not reached the majority age do not have to do it.