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North Cyprus City Guide

25 May

It does not matter whether you are going on vacation to Northern Cyprus or decide to move here for permanent residence, it is definitely worth getting acquainted with the main cities of this country. 

An interesting feature awaits you here: all cities have two, and sometimes three names. All due to the historical and political issues between the Greeks and Turks in Cyprus. After 1974, the island was divided into two parts, each city was assigned 2 names – in Greek and Turkish, which reflects the history and culture of both nations.

In this article, we will look at the most famous cities of Northern Cyprus and start with the capital – Lefkosa.


Nicosia (Lefkosa/Lefkosia)

Lefkosa is the capital of the island, which has the Greek name Nicosia and the Turkish name Lefkoşa. As befits the capital, it has a business rhythm, here are the main offices of companies, banks and government agencies.

But you can also find many historical sights here, such as the fortress and Hagia Sophia. A significant difference from other cities of Northern Cyprus is the absence of the sea, so if you are going to the island for a beach holiday, this city definitely does not suit you.


Kyrenia (Girne)

Kyrenia is a cozy city on the Mediterranean coast with a famous castle and a beautiful bay. Walking through the narrow streets of the old city, you will see Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman style houses, as one empire succeeded another over the centuries.

Girne is often chosen for moving because of the developed infrastructure, private British schools and good universities are located here.


Famagusta (Magusa/Ammochostos)

Famagusta is a beautiful city on the east coast of Turkish Cyprus and at the same time the largest port in the country. It will appeal to architecture lovers, as here you can see the remains of ancient Roman cities and castles built by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages. Fans of beach holidays will also like Magusa – here are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Thousands of students choose to study at EMU, the largest university in the country. And for those who love to experience the thrill, we recommend visiting the ghost town of Varosha.


Guzelyurt (Morfu)

Guzelyurt is located in the very west of the country and is popular among lovers of history and culture, as there are many historical places and attractions. There are not many tourists here, so it is ideal for those who appreciate a quiet lifestyle, nature and fruits.


Lefke (Lefka)

The small town of Lefke is located in the northwest of Turkish Cyprus. Here is the largest European University of Lefke with a wonderful campus in the best Western traditions. Lefke has been known since ancient times for its handicrafts – pottery and carpets. When you are in this city, be sure to buy yourself a couple of pottery for souvenirs.


Iskele (Trikomo)

Iskele is a small town located in the northeast of Northern Cyprus, not far from Famagusta. But most of all it is known for the large development residential complexes near this city. The infrastructure resembles hotels – you will find various swimming pools, spas, gyms, in the end, you will not want to leave here anywhere. Well, the main advantage of Iskele is the famous sandy Long Beach, stretching for kilometers along the Mediterranean coast.

In this article, we have given a brief description of all major cities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We hope that the information will be useful when visiting this wonderful country. If you have any questions about buying real estate, be sure to write – we are always happy to help!