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Medicine in North Cyprus

17 November

Health is the most important part of our happy lives. Of course, when purchasing real estate on the island, you need to be sure that the medicine here is at the appropriate level. Today we will talk about the quality of medical care and its accessibility in the TRNC.

Every year, medicine and treatment in North Cyprus are becoming more affordable and of high quality. The quality of medical care is actively improving, and many new clinics are opening with the latest equipment that meets European standards.

There are public hospitals and private medical centers in the TRNC. It is important to note that the qualifications of specialists in both private and public clinics are roughly the same, as medical specialists are educated at universities in the United States, Great Britain, and, of course, at the local Middle East University. Therefore, the main difference between private clinics is the speed of service, comfortability, and individual approach to the patient.

In public clinics, services are provided free of charge to residents of the TRNC and foreigners with health insurance. In urgent cases, emergency care is provided free of charge, regardless of citizenship and insurance.

There is one exception in medicine in Northern Cyprus – dental clinics, all of them fee-paying.

Before moving to the island, it is better to have health insurance, as plans to introduce compulsory health insurance were already under discussion in the Government. Thanks to insurance, high-quality examination and treatment are much cheaper.

The healthcare system in North Cyprus is so popular that some hospitals even engage in medical tourism, organizing health tours to North Cyprus for health maintenance, examinations, and surgeries. The latest technologies, highly qualified specialists, a wide range of services make treatment in TRNC one of the most effective.