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16 February

Kyrenia is a port town in the northern part of Cyprus. It spreads at the foot of the mountains, which in itself makes the atmosphere of Kyrenia special – on one side are mountains and on the other – the Mediterranean coast. In Kyrenia, you can not buy an apartment in high buildings in Northern Cyprus, as the law, it is forbidden to build a building higher than 10 floors.

How to reach Kyrenia?

Kyrenia is worth coming here for a quiet beach holiday, as here are the cleanest sandy beaches and the water, through which a translucent bottom. You can get here by ferry from Tashuju and Alanya or, if you have a property on North Cyprus in another part of the island, by public transport.

It is better to move around the city by bike, but Europeans who are accustomed to the luxury often rent a private car.

Where to live in Kyrenia?

Since Kyrenia is a tourist town, it is possible to rent a room in one of the many hotels. In the back of the town there are budget hotels, and on the shore – luxury complexes. 

Another accommodation option is to rent a room or apartment in Northern Cyprus. Property prices here are affordable.

What to see in Kyrenia?

Kyrenia is a fairly quiet and peaceful town, so if you are chasing entertainment in nightclubs and restaurants, it is better to prefer another place for rest. But there are attractions, the main of which is a shipwreck museum. There is an ancient ship, raised from the bottom. The ship is 2300 years old.

Another interesting place is the museum of icons of folk art. Here you can not only admire the creations of local craftsmen but also buy authentic souvenirs.

If you still want entertainment, the locals can offer diving. Scuba diving in Kyrenia is a pleasure. The water is fresh and clear, and therefore you can see the beauty of underwater life in its pristine form.