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How to choose an apartment in North Cyprus without leaving your home

06 August

Northern Cyprus is part of an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Developed infrastructure, high service level, mild climate and many attractions – this is an incomplete list of advantages that attract the island’s numerous guests. It is not surprising that there are so many among them who want to stay here forever.

And today, the dream of buying a home in the Cyprus northern part is quite feasible. The usual procedure for buying a property is as follows:

  • viewing real estate websites
  • arrival for a viewing tour
  • house tour with a real estate agent
  • payment and paperwork

Of course, the entire selection process and registration requires the buyer personal presence. However, in the recent events’ light, it has become a real opportunity to buy a home online.

Distance home buying process

Today, buying real estate online is especially relevant. For many foreigners, this option has become the only possible one in the current pandemic situation. The selection and purchase process itself goes something like this:

  • When communicating with a real estate agency, a potential buyer voices his wishes.
  • Guided by them, specialists select suitable objects. After the client has made his choice, he is provided with complete information on these options: area, layout, infrastructure, distance from the sea, cost, etc.
  • After the transaction terms have been agreed upon, a booking agreement is signed. This is necessary for the realtor to remove the selected object from sales.
  • Payment and paperwork.


An apartment inspection procedure in virtual reality is possible

Of course, the entire buying process is carried out using the most modern remote means. However, the housing remote viewing issue remains controversial. Indeed, when choosing a property, everyone wants to be as sure as possible that no mistake has happened with the choice. But today buyers can get an idea of what they want only from photos and sketchy video clips.

Experts assure that in just some 5 years, the housing inspection process will be simplified as much as possible.  All you need is a headset and a virtual reality display. Just imagine, you can make a real journey through your future home, being thousands of kilometers from it. This immersion effect has many benefits. You will no longer need to waste your time and extra money on flights.

Virtual reality will make the real estate purchase procedure as efficient and attractive as possible for both clients and sellers.