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Benefits of investing in 1+1 housing in Northern Cyprus

10 August

Benefits of investing in 1+1 housing in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus invariably conquers visitors with a colors’ riot, a landscapes’ variety, clear sea and an ideal climate. And the island in the Mediterranean Sea is fraught with ample investment opportunities. So recently, many foreign citizens have been striving to purchase real estate in its northern part. We will tell you why this is a profitable investment.

Important reasons to invest in 1 + 1 apartments

In the Mediterranean, the most affordable housing prices are 1 + 1. According to the Turkish system, these numbers represent the room’s number. Low cost combined with excellent property quality. Therefore, buying an apartment in North Cyprus is the most acceptable option for those who dream of their paradise by the sea.

In addition to affordable prices, buying a 1 + 1 home has many other advantages:

  • Real estate registration is easy

It is much easier to buy and register real estate in this Cyprus part than in other countries. Bureaucratic costs are minimal. But not knowing Turkish, the best option would be to seek assistance from a specialized organization.

  • Favorable rent

If you do not plan to live in an apartment all year round, then it can be rented out. The Northern Cyprus cities and villages are oriented towards tourists’ different categories. Therefore, life here is in full swing in summer and winter. In winter, the apartment is willingly rented by foreign students, and in the holiday season, there is a tourists’ large influx.

Of course, the rental price largely depends on the property location. So, the closer its location to the first coastal strip, the more expensive the rent. But in any case, there will be no problems with the search for tenants. Wherever there are apartments, natural beauty and a high living standard on the island are everywhere. A stable income without investment will always pay off.

  • Low household expenses

The European living standard is combined with inexpensive prices for food and goods. Utilities are low due to the 1 + 1 apartment’s small area.

  • Fast sale

If necessary, the apartment can always be sold and there will be no extra hassle with this either. The housing liquidity in northern Cyprus is so high that it is being sold out in the shortest possible time.

Thus, by renting out purchased property in North Cyprus for rent, you can get a good profit for many years. In six months, the invested funds will return in the amount of 10% and more.