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Buying a home with a real estate company

14 September

In our last publication, we listed the main pros and cons of buying real estate directly from the developer. Today we will talk about the advantages and processes of buying real estate through a specialized company on the example of Prime Pro Investment.

When buying a property independently, it is necessary to take into account a lot of subtleties and details that only qualified companies know and pass in their practice.

Over the years of practice, Prime Pro Investment has accumulated experience confirming that it is much safer and more profitable for a buyer to contact a specialized company. But not all companies are conscientious and keep their promises. Therefore, if you have decided to contact a real estate company, then you need to check the availability of certificates, which should be publicly available, working professionals, the company’s experience, and customer reviews.

Many believe that real estate companies are intermediaries whose presence increases the value of the property being sold several times, but this assumption is completely untrue. If we are talking about real estate in Northern Cyprus, buying through the agency is always cheaper than directly from the developer.

Consider the example of Prime Pro Investment: since we work directly with many developers on the island, we have access to the latest price offers that take into account current discounts and bonuses. Therefore, our clients receive complete information about each object they like to analyze how beneficial a given offer is for them.

Besides, Prime Pro Investment is not tied to specific developers. Our catalog contains more than 500 options of primary and secondary real estate in Northern Cyprus. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the security of the transaction, as we provide full support for the process of buying real estate to save your time, money, and nerves.