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What documents are needed to obtain a family residence permit in North Cyprus when buying a property?

12 اکتبر

North Cyprus is one of the few countries where foreigners and their family members can obtain a residence permit when buying a property, regardless of its value.

The residence permit is issued for 1 year. It can be renewed annually and there is no limit to stay in the country.

Conditions for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Ownership of habitable residential property;
  • In the case of installment payments/loans, the flat must be paid for at least 30%;
  • If more than one shareholder is specified in the purchase contract, only one of them can obtain a residence permit;

List of documents required for the issuance of a residence permit:

  • Original passport valid for at least 2 months for EU residents and photocopies of the pages with a photo and stamp of the date of entry.
  • Title (documents on ownership of real estate) in original and copy. If these are not available, the original purchase contract and its copy will be sufficient.
  • Certificate “Ikametgah Belgesi” from the Mukhtar (headman) about living in the area. The address of the headman can be obtained from the police, the municipality (Beledıye) or the post office.
  • Bank statement with the amount of a minimum wage (8600 TL) multiplied by 12 months (for each adult family member).
  • Certificate of the presence or absence of criminal record, issued in the country of official residence.
  • 2 passport photos.
  • Stamps (Damga Pulu) – to be purchased at the post office. The required quantity must be clarified before applying for the residence permit.
  • The results of the medical examination (general blood test and Mantoux).
  • Insurance policy.
  • Proof of relationship (marriage certificate and/or birth certificate for children under 18).
  • Registration of a residence permit by the migration services takes place no later than 30 days.

A residence permit only entitles you to reside in the TRNC. It does not entitle you to work or start a business in the TRNC. For this you need a work or business permit.

Contact us and take the first step towards buying your dream home in North Cyprus! We will help you to obtain a residence permit.