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Emigration in Northern Cyprus.

07 مارس

Want to immigrate to Northern Cyprus? The possibility is quite easy now. So what to do to get Permanent residence in Northern Cyprus?  The new type of emigration has become widespread in North Cyprus. It is easy to get a residence permit; it is enough to buy any property no matter how much it is.

Why do many people choose Northern Cyprus? The beauty, the rich history and of course the high level of medical services, quality and inexpensive by European standards real estate – these are the reasons why the housing of Northern Cyprus is in steady demand among buyers.

Real estate in Northern Cyprus is a promising and worthwhile investment. Accordingly, it makes sense to buy real estate for personal use as well as for investment.

The basis of income of the state, as well as the majority of the population, is the tourism business. Moreover, the standard of living is quite high. The distinctive feature of the island is ecological purity. There are no large plants and factories, which could pollute the atmosphere.

That’s why immigrating to Northern Cyprus and buying an estate will be a great investment. Emigrating to Northern Cyprus is not very difficult because, people find conditions that meet their needs.

How does it work? In the beginning, you’ll get a temporary residence, and emigration by buying a house. Afterwards, a permanent residence will be in your hands. For this, it is enough to become the owner of the housing. Pay attention to the cost of an inexpensive apartment in Northern Cyprus. On average, it starts at 50 000 euros. Regardless of the cost of purchased housing, every foreign citizen and his family, including children under the age of 18 years, can get a temporary residence permit.