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The benefits of buying your dream house in North Cyprus

09 فوریه

Northern Cyprus is a country with a mild climate, sunny weather all year round, and the cleanest Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the country has a low crime rate, stable economy, and the Government’s policy is to promote tourism, invest in infrastructure development and attract foreign investment. 


What are the benefits of buying your dream house in North Cyprus?

  • A large selection of real estate with affordable prices and the ability to purchase by installments and credit;
  • Low taxes on real estate, about € 0.15 per 1 square meter of area per year;
  • Visa-free regime;
  • Obtaining a residence permit when purchasing any real estate. Moreover, the residence permit is received not only by the owner of the home but also by all family members (husband/wife, children), with the prospect of obtaining citizenship;
  • High level of education (international, American, European universities with a wide selection of faculties and affordable tuition fees from $ 1,500 per year);
  • Highly developed social infrastructure;
  • High-quality medical care;
  • Getting a unique opportunity for 330 days a year to enjoy warm weather and the sea (average temperature in summer 30 – 35 ℃, in winter 10 – 15 ℃);
  • Environmentally friendly products (fresh fruits, seafood, cheese production, and sheep breeding).