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Residence permit in North Cyprus

28 اکتبر

Northern Cyprus is on the list of the best countries for emigration. It is not only a beautiful resort with visa-free entry, high-quality medical care, international education, affordable property prices, but also unique emigration conditions with no analogs in other countries of the world.

Residence permits in Northern Cyprus are easier to obtain than in other popular resort countries. In the TRNC, obtaining a residence permit takes no more than a month and is much less of a hassle.

Through our after-sales service program, we assist our clients throughout the process of issuing a residence permit.

Advantages of a Northern Cyprus residence permit:

  • A residence permit can be issued by every foreign investor who has acquired real estate in the territory of the TRNC, regardless of its value;
  • The right to a residence permit in the TRNC is also granted to all family members (children under 18 years of age do not need a residence permit);
  • No need to buy or set up a business;
  • The process of obtaining a residence permit takes only 21 days;
  • Residence permit in Northern Cyprus allows foreign citizens to obtain health insurance, educate children in free kindergartens and schools, open accounts with international banks;
  • Citizenship can be obtained by a resident of Northern Cyprus, permanently residing or working in the territory of the TRNC for ten years, without legal or administrative violations;
  • It is important to note that a residence permit obtained based on the purchase of real estate gives the right only to the residence, and for employment, you will need a work visa.

List of documents for obtaining a residence permit:

  • registered sales contract (original and copy);
  • valid international passport;
  • a certificate from the district headman at the place of purchase of real estate;
  • a statement from a local bank on the availability of sufficient funds on the account to live in the country;
  • marriage certificate for spouses (translated and certified by the local court);
  • birth certificate (for children over 18 years old);
  • two photos 3.5×4.5 cm;
  • ten state stamps;
  • check for payment of state duty;
  • medical examination in a state clinic: fluorography and general blood test.