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Property in Northern Cyprus

07 ژانویه

Property in Northern Cyprus

This information is especially relevant for those who wish to change their place of residence. Our company offers various housing options for a bargain purchase. The northern part of the island of Cyprus presents various types of residential and commercial properties. Besides, the comfort of your living will be ensured by a well-developed infrastructure, a pleasant climate of 300 sunny days per year, cheap goods and services, an excellent health care system, and higher education.

Benefits of buying a property in North Cyprus with Prime Pro Investment:

  • We will select the most suitable options based on your wishes and 


  • We provide a wide range of residential complexes and only reliable 

information about objects;

  • We guarantee maximum security in real estate transactions;
  • The ability to execute a transaction remotely;
  • We represent the interests of buyers, not sellers;
  • High professionalism;
  • Obtaining a Residence Permit in North Cyprus;

North Cyprus is a small but very cozy country, perfect for a quiet and peaceful life. Moreover, property on the island of Cyprus has really affordable price than housing in other resorts in the world. But the standard of living here, thanks to the developed infrastructure, is in no way inferior to Europe.