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Property for living or investments.

01 اکتبر

Which property is better to choose for investment, and which one — for living or recreation?

At the stage of choosing a property, you first need to decide what you need it for, whether you want to use it for living or earning income. In the first case, your own interests will take precedence, and in the case of investment, you need to think about what is important for future tenants. What are the first associations that come to your mind when you think about housing in which you plan to live or go for vacation?

Most likely, you pictured a very quiet place away from people, where it’s nice to enjoy your rest or live permanently. Kindergartens, schools and clinics nearby. However, rental income from such real estate will be minimal, since a house located in uptown will most likely not be popular with tourists.

In the case of investments, the proximity to sandy beaches is most important, so you should choose a property no more than two kilometers from such locations. The second important point is the infrastructure. Most tourists are families with children and they need playgrounds, supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants. Always pay attention to these details, as they guarantee the comfort of guests, and therefore a high demand for rentals! And for you, as an investor, the main criterion should be the liquidity of property, that is, the opportunity, if necessary, to sell it, returning your money. Or stable passive rental income. In some investment projects, you will be able to use the rental guarantee, when you receive income regardless of the fact of booking (on average 6% per year of the apartment price).

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