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How to get to Northern Cyprus?

12 اکتبر

Before listing the ways to get to Northern Cyprus, you need to understand the political situation on the island. Brief political background: The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is officially recognized exclusively by Turkey. For the world community, Northern Cyprus is not an independent state – it is part of the Republic of Cyprus. This state of affairs has existed since 1983 when the newly formed state proclaimed its independence.

Visa requirements in Northern Cyprus:

  • the traveler’s passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into the territory of Northern Cyprus;
  • you must have a confirmation of hotel booking or an invitation to the island;
  • availability of a return ticket;

The TRNC Migration Service issues a visa on arrival for a maximum of 90 days.


How to get to Northern Cyprus?

Option 1 – by air:

Flight from Turkey to Ercan Airport (TRNC). It is important to note that only Turkish Airlines (Pegasus, Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global) are allowed to board this airport.

Flight to Larnaca or Paphos airport (South Cyprus) requires a Schengen visa. To get to North Cyprus, you will need to cross the land border. Since 2004, all restrictions on free movement between the Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus have been lifted.

Option 2 – by sea:

Northern Cyprus can only be reached by sea from Turkey. Ferries depart from different cities in Turkey. The most popular ferry routes are Tashuku – Kyrenia, Alanya – Kyrenia, Mersin – Kyrenia, Mersin – Famagusta. The length of the journey is also different. Some ferries serve only passenger traffic, while others can carry a car.