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How to choose a residential complex with the best infrastructure?

06 آوریل

Why is it so important to choose the right residential complex?

It is important to understand that an apartment does not exist on its own but inside a residential complex.


The easiest way to save time is to contact our company, which will make a high-quality selection of real estate according to the required parameters.


What is included in the residential complex:

  • a plot of land;
  • houses and buildings;
  • on-site amenities: paths, playgrounds, recreation areas, landscape design;
  • infrastructure facilities.


Most of the residential complexes in Northern Cyprus have a developed internal infrastructure, so residents practically do not have to leave its borders. On the territory of the residential complex, there are shops, boutiques, ATMs, beauty salons, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, kindergartens, and fitness centers. It is a small city within a big city. 


The class of property determines how comfortable and enjoyable life will be in a new house.

  • Economy class is a budget property with a low level of comfort. The adjacent territory of economy class real estate is either absent or has the simplest amenities. 
  • Comfort class – property in the middle price segment. It is an improved version of the economy class. The comfort class residential complex has a guarded territory, a landscaped park area, and parking.
  • Business-class is a high-class property. Such residential complexes are built according to individual architectural projects using high-quality materials. The adjacent territory is fenced and guarded. There is underground parking, grocery stores, a fitness center, a communal pool, and much more. 


Remember, when you buy a property, you also choose the space around it. It means that even more details require attention and study. Entrust it to PrimeProInvestment professionals!