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Higher education in North Cyprus

21 اکتبر

Education is one of the priority areas for the development of Northern Cyprus, designated and supported by the government of the country.

TRNC Universities are very popular with local and international students due to the high level of education at universities, and excellent learning conditions, including affordable prices for tuition and accommodation. All universities in Northern Cyprus are accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education and have internationally recognized. 

In Northern Cyprus, higher education is provided in both public and private educational institutions. Each university consists of faculties and schools offering degree programs: 

  • associate degree (2 years)
  • bachelor’s degree (4 years)
  • master’s degree (1.5-2 years)
  • doctoral degree.

The universities, colleges, medical, engineering, and law schools of Northern Cyprus are highly respected and well known in the educational and academic world community. Educational institutions have a modern technological base for carrying out research work and ensuring a high-quality modern level of education.

The main advantage is the simplified conditions for students to enter the island. The State does not establish visa restrictions on travel and simplifies the procedure for obtaining a visa.

The education system is based on the European ECTS points system. Education is conducted in English – therefore, upon admission, students must pass the language proficiency examination  (PTE Academic, IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced). If according to the results of the exams, the student does not gain a certain number of points, he or she takes an intensive English course at the university.

Tuition fees at universities in Northern Cyprus are more loyal compared to European universities. In addition, there is a system of grants and discounts for students with high academic performance and various achievements. The most expensive specialties, of course, are medical areas, as in all countries.