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Christmas in Northern Cyprus

20 دسامبر

Christmas in North Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the warmest European regions in winter, with an air temperature of 20-22 degrees. The winter climate is comparable to the Canary Islands.

It is important to note that the Turkish Cypriots do not have a tradition of lavishly celebrating Christmas. It is considered a quiet family holiday when the whole family gathers at one table.  

But, since thousands of English and Russians currently live in Northern Cyprus, the country’s administration and the local population decorate their cities with Christmas and New Year symbols. Local service and infrastructure are ready to celebrate the winter holidays at the highest level with various entertainment programs.  

Preparations begin from the beginning of December. A magical atmosphere arises in cities. All streets are decorated with garlands and  New Year’s attributes. In Nicosia, a Christmas tree is being erected in Liberty Square (Eleftherias). Christmas is traditionally celebrated on the night of December 24-25.

Besides, residents have traditions in common with ours: for example, on the eve of the holiday, children come to visit with carols and religious hymns, congratulating their loved ones on this holiday. Caroling people are presented with fruits and sweets.

On the eve of the holiday, all residents go to church for the Christmas mass and return home to the holiday table. It is customary to lay pork dishes and the local sweet delicacy of Christokulur on the table, as well as numerous pomegranates.