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5 benefits of buying property in North Cyprus

03 آگوست

Natural conditions. Northern Cyprus is a country with a mild climate, Mediterranean Sea, gorgeous beaches, mountain ranges, pine groves, and 330 sunny days a year. Cloudy days are rare here. The beach season lasts from late April to late October. No tour to a five-star hotel on the first line of the beach compares with the opportunity to live by the sea in your ideal apartment.


Profitable investment. In terms of investment, North Cyprus is an incredibly attractive destination. The low cost of real estate, high demand for rent, and stable growth in prices make it possible to invest your capital profitably. The demand for apartments and villas on the Mediterranean coast still exceeds supply. Throughout the year, a large number of students and tourists maintain a stable demand for rental properties. 


Welcome! Thanks to the government’s hospitality, almost anyone can relocate to Northern Cyprus. You do not need special documents to enter the country – it is enough to have a valid foreign passport. When passing through customs, travelers receive tourist visas for up to 30 days with the possibility of extending their stay up to 90 days. 


Obtaining a residence permit. Happy owners of real estate in the TRNC can apply for a residence permit. The registration process takes approximately 21 days. Moreover, such an advantage is received not only by the owner of the property but also by his closest relatives (husband/wife and children).


Education and medicine. There are over a dozen higher educational institutions in the country. The level of education in these universities is very high, but the cost of education is several times lower than in European institutions. In addition, the island has high-quality medical care, excellent ecology, and organic products.